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The Jenny Sines Method

Jenny teaches a fun, interactive class that challenges all skill levels but has a strong, compassionate foundation focusing on the spirit and mind just as much as the physical body.

Classes for All Sizes, Shapes, and Ages


The original 26 and 2 Hatha yoga postures developed by Bikram Choudhurry.


Flowing, fluid yoga practice with emphasis on upper body strength, breathing and movement, and strength and flexibility cultivating in the body.


All class types can easily be made beginner friendly!


Yoga that does emphasize on strength and flexibility, but in a gentle, soothing approach. No standing postures, all floor work and deep breathing.


Fun animal-asanas to keep the classes relate-able but challenging enough to get some of that youthful energy out on the mat! Consider a yoga lesson or a dance workshop at your little one's next celebration!

Rock n Roll

Jenny DJ's an amazing yoga class with the perfect sound-tract to amp up your heart rate and get you in the mood to sweat, stretch and strengthen! Follow Jenny's schedule for the next Rock and Roll yoga!

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